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There;s nothing sweeter than making a cop look stupid when he's wrong and just wont admit it.One night in AZ i'm at a scale house getting a D.O.T safty inspection.
My truck at the time was an 83'...(which came from the factory with no brakes on the fron axle.
This guy darn near has an anurism when he pop's the hood.The "kid" as the cop was only about 19' becomes "Sheriff Justis T Bufford" from smokey and the bandit,,and goes ape nutts citing this and that and every thing else.
as hes writing up the tickets,he calls a tow truck to haul my truck to a shop to have front braks installed.I ask him if he knows much about the mechanical aspects of a truck,to which he informs me that "he state certified to inspect vehicles" this I ask him well then can you read? he really goes nutts,and starts mothering me up and down. I said "but sir...look at the wall behind you"....hanging there was a list of the new rules giving my truck a "grand father clause" to operate with out front brakes.
He looks,and says so what..."you truck is out of service" I ask on what grounds?....hes says "NO front brakes you idiot,what the hell do you think?"
I say fine me for that and i'll have to have you charged too.
Now he really goes nutts,,,,by this time the Staff sargent is back in the building hearing and looking things over...the tow truck has my truck hooked up,and he starts laughing.
And he says..."ahhh just what do you want officer (smith or what ever I cant remember right off hand) charged with?"
I said "impersonation of an intelligent human"...the old fella really starts laughing now....The "kid writing the ticket says "whats so funny anyway".....the old guy looks at him and says,,,You used your name to call that tow truck,this drivers truck has a FEDERAL grant to be in this state,and your dad is gonna skin you alive when he has to pay for the tow truck and this drivers time you just wasted.......
The kids father was a big mucky muck in the D.O.T and he was trying to earn a few extra brownie points.......
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