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Originally Posted by hawaiianboy
You guys dissappoint me... We used to use Chuckles here for target practice... I mean he practically provides all the material himself...
The cheer?... Biggest homer this side of Bigchiefsfan?... The cartoons?... Come on now!...

Where's Iowaniwishiwerehawaiianian at?...
You ol Geezers learned your lesson from the Titans! Did Gannon, Rice, Brown all forget to take their Geritol prior to the game?

Their ride is over, goof, so kiss the playoffs goodbye and go back to that old fart Davis and tell him get rid of the team already!

You are nothing! Nothing but a wannabe! And why would Faider Fan be here on board? Yes, I understand the rivalry but aren't you suppose to be acting like a goof on your own board? PATHETIC!

Steelers are going to own KC after Sunday, and I'm here to stake my claim to this board...

What's your excuse?


"Crime Does Not Pay"

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