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I'm hoping like crazy that Al Harris and Mike Smith having more input is taking some pressure off Sutton so he can concentrate on calling a good game. On the night before a playoff game I'm sure rooting for the guy.

But I can take the emotion out of it and point out a few things and somewhat educated guesses on who will be some possible names for the future.

First recognize that the sole reason Sutton was brought on was to run Rex's defense. Period. And the guy was a DC with the Jets but not under Ryan. Eric Mangini before Ryan made him basically defacto DC with heavy involvment from Mangini running the 2gap 3-4 oakie that the Pats ran forever before they switched to a 4-3. And your typical situation usually has a DC bringing along a few assistants. Sutton brought 1. Current ILB coach Mark Deleone who started here as D QC. He was being groomed under Gary Gibbs just as Britt was being groomed by Tommy Brashear and Harris by Emmit. If you are Sutton back in 2013 the only 3 vet coaches you have on your side of the ball none of the older ones have any desire to be a DC again. They had been there, done that. This year in particular he may be missing Gibbs as far as game planning. But they made the right choice so they could let Deleone and Mike Smith show what they did or didn't have and continue to hopefully grow.

I think it's possible to think there is a sucession plan in place or has been. Smith was brought on staff as asst DL coach just to get him here. He was with the Ravens as a player (ILB) and interned with the Jets under Ryan, Pettine, and Sutton working with OLBs. This year he got the promotion to OLB coach but has basically said he was working with them before mentioning working with Tanoh last year. A couple years back when Britt Reid, Deleone, and Harris were all promoted, Harris said to him it was basically in title only and his duties had never changed, he coached CB's. This was 2-3 years ago. Also go back to Devito Poe and Jaye Howard. All had high praise for Britt even from year 1 when he was just assisting Brashear with the DL.

So when I think about the rumor(i believe it) of Harris and Smith being more involved with the game planning I could see Andy having the same thought on D as he has with OC's. If at all possible promote from within. That patern goes back to Philly. Bob is who he is. He took a demotion to stay and work under Rex. He did get the asst HC title but went from DC to LB's. He was a longtime LB coach then DC then HC at Army. That's why he and Gibbs got along so well is that was a very similar path Gibbs had at Oklahoma he started there as a player to GA all the way to HC. Point being, you get to 2018 and he has most likely ready to pull his hair out and I can see things snowballing on him and not knowing WTF to do. And this being his one and only shot being a DC calling the shots in his 6th and most likely final year I can see him not wanting to show weakness to a couple young bucks in Smith and Harris on how to adjust. And I think if he did wait until week 17 to give them more input that's on Reid as much as Sutton. But that was his job was to give his best Rex Ryan impression and it's had it's share of ups and downs. And he had never found himself in this position before so its no wonder he couldn't pull himself out of it. Hopefully he goes out on top! I'm not going to root against him just so he gets fired. I think we're behond that. And we all know it's personnel as well. Give em Hell Bob.

Now for curious reasons I have been paying close attention to candidates.
Bears DB coach Ed Donnatell interviewed in Chicago before they settled on Chuck Pagano. I could see Ed being the DC in Denver even though Fangio will call plays.

John Pagano is Sr D asst/OLB in Houston. He was an original on the ask permission to speak to list before Reid hired Sutton as the chargers denied permission and paired him with Mike McCoy. He ran more of a Wade Phillips 3-4 or actually close to Rob Ryan did in Dallas and NO. He also switched to the 4-3 once they drafted Bosa in SD. So he did what was best to fit scheme with the personnel he had. Also had a good Decemeber when he took over for Ken Norton Jr. with the Raiders last year running the under there as well.

Joe Woods, Denver's DC is planning on following Vance Joeseph to AZ as DB coach. I think Woods and Reggie Herring, Denver's current LB coach are the most versed Wade Phillips assistants out there. Wouldn't mind Herring either. Even if Woods takes the AZ DB job I could see him getting an interview. The early offseason is fluid like that

Mike Caldwell, former Cards and Jets now Bucs ILB coach who played and coached under Reid in Philly. Played LB when Rivera was his position coach made it to LB coach and after 2012 followed Bowles who spent the last year with Reid, to AZ. Has held Asst HC title as well. would be first time DC.

Aaron Glenn, DB's Saints. Started off in personnel with the Jets in the Ryan era then asst DB's now the main DB coach. No DC experience.

Jerry Osalvsky ILB Steelers. Played and coached under Lebeau and now Keith Butler. To me he reminds me of a guy like Greg Manusky how he was a special teams stud, above average backup, and then got into coaching. I liked him last year as well as the current Giants DC. But I don't know that Osalvsky has intereviewed for any DC gigs in the past.

Perry Fewell. Ex Jags DB coach ex Giants DC. Won a SB with the Giants but also had some bad Defenses. More likely would like him as a DB coach or SR D asst with a first time DC instead of him calling the D himself. He's interviewing for DB jobs currently after getting canned by the Jags.

Steve Spagnuolo former Rams HC Giants DC LB/DB's in philly under Reid. To me Spags would make plenty of sense. I think his name was mentioned with the Browns DC gig but Wilks will probably get that. He was out of coaching this year so for all anyone knows he could already be talking to Reid if he even is a possibility.

Ray Horton, Ex Cards Titans Browns DC DB coach with Lebeau at Pittsburgh
He was another original coach on Reid's want list as his DC. Was the Rooney rule guy apparently as he was getting HC interviews but never got a HC gig. Not sure if he ruffled some feathers or what but has been out of coaching a couple years. Interviewed with Dallas as DB coach last year before they hired Richard. I could think of worse than to pair him as the Sr D asst with Olsalvsky as DC. Or even Horton as DC.

If they promote from within I would lean Mike Smith over Al Harris but it could go either way. Smith has experience at TT under Kingsburry practicing against the wide open offenses and of course similar offenses in the big 12 Was CO DC coaching LB's and DL with David Gibbs as the main DC. So it was most likely DC in title only at TT. I could see Smith as DC with Harris as DB/defensive pass game CO. I could think of worse as long as they would add a Spagnuolo type as Sr D Asst.

just some thoughts for now. Hopefully we don't have to worry about who they hire for another month!! Go Chiefs!!!
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