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Originally Posted by AcesCasino
I joined the board just to read this 'novel,' as it was described.....After reading it, a few things became evident....

1) Luv seems like a nice girl, that got this fiasco off her chest.
2) Mooo (the original) made a SERIOUS mistake, slippin' her the hot beef injection, and now faces self-banishment, because of it.
3) GoChiefs is a dope, no matter WHAT all those idiot IQ tests show. (He's the same guy that'll hire a writer for his mag with a resume that says, "I can rite REEL good.") That had to be the STUPIDEST thing i'd ever seen, in a chat room.
And, 4) There are more Mooo and moosgirl impersonators on this thread to fill Arrowhead Stadium.

Some VERY funny one-liners in here, in regards to the luv/moo/moosgirl guys are a crack-up......
Welcome aboard.

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