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My daughter is 17 now...sometimes when we are just sitting and watching a TV program together or just sitting around talking, she loves to bring up what we did together when she was 8-10. And when I see the sparkle in her eyes talking about all the fun she had back then and how she loves me for how I went to all those "silly little girl things" it makes everything worth it. I once took my daughter to an American Girl store....stood with her as she pretty much looked at everything they sold for almost every doll they make.

Now....we talk about music (we share the same musical interests), baseball (Lord help her she is a Yank-me fan) and peruse Listverse together. And occasionally she will whisper...."Dad, you are such a dork"...and smile

Not to hijack this thread, but for those guys whose daughters are all grown and moved you occasionally get out the old albums and look at the pictures just to smile at the memories?
I was just marveling the other day that mine don't remember the big shit we did. Sure, their memory is jogged by the pictures of Disneyworld and other expensive vacations. They remember little crap like when their sleeping bags got soaked in a downpour while camping or jamming to ridiculous songs like Chumbawumba on the radio.
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