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Originally Posted by Direckshun View Post
This is a good mock, kccrow. And pretty realistic, too. The Chiefs should really consider leapfrogging the Texans for a QB.

I think folks are sleeping on Tu'ikolovatu, too. This guy looks the part, needs some technique work, but is really athletic, too.
Thanks. I know I threw a couple guys in this one I haven't really talked about. I really like Calitro a bunch, but he's kind of a 2-down player at this point. He's not too great in coverage, but he has the athleticism so maybe he can learn. He's a hell of a run defender though, so he has value. With the Chiefs running alot of nickel sets these days, getting a late round guy in this role is ideal.

Roos, I guess, met with the Chiefs I've come to find out. That may bode well for me hitting on this guy now. I think when you have a guy that is as strong as he is and can pass block extremely well, you go get him. You can teach a guy to be a functional run blocker, it's harder to get guys with the awareness and athleticism to be good pass blockers.

Griffin is kind of my wildcard. I've been kind of down on drafting a CB, but after thinking a while about the future it might be a good idea to take one. He needs some coaching up. He's got some really nice skills in press, but it's his off-man coverage. He gives up WAY too much cushion to receivers and they burn him on slants. He also doesn't appear too well coached on route recognition. He seems a bit slow processing what the receiver is going to do. This puts him behind receivers far too often instead of being right in their hip pocket all the time. He has the athleticism to stick with these guys, so if he can get some film time with our good coaches, I think he could be a steal.

Adeboyejo is a guy, when I watched him, he had quite a bit of underneath stuff on screens and whatnot. Reid runs alot of that stuff, so he instantly has some value because he's done it and he has that quickness to move the ball after the catch. He also has that nice long stride when he gets in the open field and can reach that 2nd gear. Kid just screams good slot receiver in the NFL despite the fact he isn't getting much attention.

Wanted to mention on Mahomes: If the Chiefs feel they have to go way up, I'm okay with it. I almost expect it could be a thing that needs to happen. If they gotta go up to 12, throw in next year's 1st. They just have to be sure this is their guy because they are burning that chance to go get a guy next year. I love Mahomes, I think he's got those Aaron Rodgers qualities to him.
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