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Old 04-15-2013, 03:26 PM  
Casino cash: $
Derrick Thomas Autographs + other collectibles

I was digging through my basement and found an old box of cards and autographed pics. I need to raise some coin for my son's birthdays. Wondering if anyone here would be interested before I list it on craigslist.

Autographed pictured of Derrick Thomas. I got this back in the 90's at the Bannister Mall during a TV show called Bump or Run. Yes, both pictures have a fold across them...pisses me off as well.

DT Autographed card in case.

Hakeem! 8x10. I got the autograph at my Aunt's shoe store.

Oh Snap! Chris Martin autograph. This is extremely rare! LOL. 2 Kevin Ross's. Barry Mother fuking Word, and 2 Cherrys. All of these obtained from Bump and Run. And the crown jewel, Martin Buser, Iditarod champion.

A collection of some of the best players to ever hit the field.

A few comic cards

Assorted stuff

35 single sided pages of Baseball cards 91-94ish

I am guessing, 1500+ 91-92 NFL cards. Mostly Top Deck and Pro Set

If you have any questions or are interested, Let me know. I don't want to deal with splitting everything up.
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KC Tattoo

Casino cash: $
That is nice set of cards. I had a bunch of Chiefs cards and about 50 DT cards in a folder but it got ripped off
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