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KC Star: Clark looks forward to next season

Clark excited about an aggressive special teams that can win games and more:


Chiefs chairman Hunt looks forward to next season

The Kansas City Star

Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt is understandably pleased with the hirings of new head coach Andy Reid and general manager John Dorsey. After all, Hunt selected them.

But Hunt is equally excited with another new addition to the Chiefs coaching staff — special-teams coordinator Dave Toub.

“I think we really have a chance to take a step forward in special teams,” Hunt said Friday upon arriving in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII. “I grew up with the Chiefs during a period of time in the 1980s when Frank Gansz was the special-teams coach … widely regarded as one of the best in the league at that time and maybe one of the best ever.

“You can think back to some of those seasons in the ’80s, when we won a lot of games with special teams. Well, that’s the mentality that the team is going to have with the new leadership. It’s something Andy believes in. Instead of trying not to make mistakes, we’re going to go out on special teams and try to win football games.”

The Chiefs have not returned a kickoff for a touchdown since the 2009 season or a punt for a touchdown since the 2010 season opener.

Toub was a very well-regarded special-teams coach during his nine seasons with the Chicago Bears. Chicago’s Devin Hester became the NFL’s all-time leader in kick-return touchdowns with 18, including a record 12 punt returns.

After returning from the Senior Bowl last week, Reid, Dorsey and the new assistants have been poring over tapes of the Chiefs’ 2-14 season.

“Andy has been very consistent,” Hunt said. “He thinks we have a lot of talent on the football team. He clearly understands there are things that have to be fixed. We have to be better offensively. That’s going to start with the quarterback position. He has to have better play from the quarterback. That’s one of his main focuses right now and will be through the spring.”

When he was hired, Reid said he wanted to fully evaluate quarterbacks on the roster — Matt Cassel and Ricky Stanzi — before deciding on his next plan of action.

“He’s not made a decision on those guys,” Hunt said of Cassel, who lost his starting job to Brady Quinn last year, and Stanzi, who has yet to play in a game in two years. “He’ll have a chance later this spring to see them in person. He’s had a chance to look at them on tape. I know he’s spent a lot of time focused on the young quarterbacks who will come out in the draft as well as thinking about other possibilities as to how we can improve ourselves at that position.”

The Chiefs could take a quarterback with the first overall pick in the draft if they believe the right player is there.

“It’s exciting to have the No. 1 pick,” Hunt said. “We don’t ever want to have it again because of the season you have to have to get there. It creates a lot of possibilities for us. There’s probably not that franchise quarterback who will be sitting there like there was last year, but still, with that No. 1 pick, you have a lot of options in terms of trades or just taking a player who can really help you upgrade.”

Hunt, who lives in Dallas, said he pays more attention to the Chiefs than many people think.

“The last four or five years after my father passed away, I do spend a lot of my time, in that case speaking with the general manager … thinking through the strategy of who do we need to re-sign, how can we get better at this position?” he said.

Now, with both Reid and Dorsey reporting directly to him, Hunt plans to keep an even stronger pulse on the organization.

“With the change in our reporting structure,” Hunt said, “it will probably be more so because I’m having those conversations with both John and Andy. I want our fans to understand I care. There was a feeling in (Kansas City) that I didn’t care. Nothing could be further from the truth.”
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Originally Posted by Buzz_TinBalls View Post
Tyler Wilson is NOT going to be the first pick in this draft. It really is GENO or bust folks.

The only good news about drafting Star first and a 2nd/3rd round QB is that whomever is chosen in that scenario is 5 times better than matty c.
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Originally Posted by SNR View Post
Go **** yourself.

It's not just Geno, you ****ing moron. I don't know how many times I have to state it on this ****ing place. Geno is MY preference. But I'm not going to lambast Reid and Dorsey if they take Wilson at #1. I'm also not going to be angry with Barkley. I'm trusting the braintrust of Reid + Dorsey to make the right call on the QB in this draft. We have the #1 overall pick, so I look forward to their pick of any QB in the draft.

It's been posted a billion times on this place the shitty draft value that is represented by taking a non QB in the top 10 of this draft. This is a putrid draft to do so, especially if you're the Chiefs who already have a LT and TWO good pass rushers. If the supposed "brilliant" NFL minds we hired at One Arrowhead pass on a QB and take Lotulelei or one of the DEs, I'll be ****ing pissed. If they draft a ****ing offensive lineman, I'll be LIVID. There is zero excuse for that kind of bone-headed bullshit. And I don't care WHO THE HELL is the #1 QB in that draft. It could be Landry ****ing Jones and nothing but OTs worth the #1 overall pick. That is inexcusable for any franchise.

And look, I'm pretty positive on the Reid hiring. A lot more than most people on here. He was my #1 coach that I wanted because he's such a QB guy. I'm VERY happy with the Dorsey hiring. But I don't know if these guys will work out. I was a guy who drank the ***** kool-aid pretty hardcore in 2009, and my reward was Matt Cassel and Tyson ****ing Jackson. I'm not ****ing falling for that shit again. I can smell draft idiocy a mile away now. And if I get the faintest WHIFF of Cassel/Jackson idiocy, there's going to be hell to pay

Go anal **** your family.
Simmer down, SNR. Reading comprehension FAIL.

I wasn't ripping you for wanting to take a quarterback in the first round. I want them to take a quarterback in the first round.

I was ripping you for the way you chose to express it. The valid arguments you make get lost in all of the anger and all of the posturing. That's all I'm saying.
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