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Ten Things About Last Night's Game

Ten Things About Last Night's Game

10. Well, look on the bright side. It wasn't a blowout. The Chiefs didn't get blown out 55-3 or worse, as everyone expected. But that's a back handed compliment to a team who is now 1-8. Kind of like saying "she doesn't sweat much for a fat chick." The Steelers have a lot more questions than we do. The Pittsburgh Gazette says Rapistburger went to a local hospital last night for an MRI on his ribs, and he's doubtful for their showdown game next week vs. Baltimore. It wasn't Benny Hill Music time until overtime, and I guess that's progress. This is the second time we've taken a better team into OT, on the road, and we're 1-1. Still winless at home, but playing better on the road. So hooray for moral victories, I suppose.

9. The Chiefs defense has been averaging giving up better than 30 points per game. Giving up 13 in regulation ought to be enough to win, and would have been, had two KC TD's not been called back. Succop misses a 33 yard field goal, or we most likely win in regulation. The defense played as good a game as they did in Arrowhead against Baltimore. Just not good enough to win in Pittsburgh. Props to Gary Gibbs for coaching better defensively than the head coach Kung Pao Panda, who is supposed to be a defensive whiz. Defense held Steelers to under 100 yards rushing, 154 yards passing, forced three fumbles and got one of them, and did a decent job denying on third down, Pittsburgh was 6-16. I think the reason the game was so close was a combination of KC's defense playing very well, and Pittsburgh's offense playing poorly. It's sad that once Rapistburger was knocked out, we couldn't overcome an erratic Byron Leftwitch to win. It took Captain Checkdown's patented panicked pressure pants pissing to secure the win by Pittsburgh's makeshift defense. We certainly didn't play against their best guys.

8. A lot has been made about the Chiefs lack of discipline and focus all year long. Seems like every time you get a "player friendly coach," when things go south, the inmates start to run the asylum. The Chiefs had one five yard penalty in the first half. Manieri jumped off sides and was summarily given a diva-like lecture by Eric "Big Gay Al" Winston. But that was the only penalty, and no turnovers in the first half. Second half, Chiefs get five penalties for 71 yards, including the monumentally stupid "End Zone Soul-Train Dance Party." When Bowe wasn't dropping passes, he was taunting the Steelers and pointing at his back after not scoring because of a Fat Albert holding penalty (and yes, he WAS holding). Where do these guys with a 1-8 record, get off taunting ANYBODY over ANYTHING? It was clueless, and extremely Raiders-eque. Especially getting a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty for group celebration on a TD that wasn't. The penalty sustained the drive for Pittsburgh. So not only do you not get a TD, you give up a first down on a monumentally STUPID penalty. And all the defensive leaders were in the middle of that: Hali, Houston, Johnson, Flowers..they were all there. Not ONE OF THEM said "Hey guys, let's take this to the sidelines." Stupid Stupid Stupid. And none of the coaches crawled up their ass about it either. Again, inmates running the asylum.

7. Charles had 100 yard on 23 carries. Most of those ran right over Winston. They ran that play over and over and over until Pittsburgh started to stuff it. Hillis looks like a white, slower, less illusive Thomas Jones. He has been piss poor on third and short. He was brought in here to make those tough yards, and he consistently fails to produce. Meanwhile our blocking back is a 210 pound Eachus Midget. God knows why we couldn't keep big backs like Mike Cox, or Jackie Battle, or LeRon McClain as a lead fullback. Hell, put Manieri or Poe back there and let him lead block. We've got to have somebody who can move a frickin' pile on third and short. At least they gave Charles a chance to break a run. The Steelers did a nice job keeping him from cracking a big one. His longest carry was twelve yards.

6. We saw good Bowe and bad Bowe. Good Bowe makes a clutch 4th down catch across the middle to allow Succop to kick the game tying field goal. Bad Bowe dropped multiple balls. He only caught four of the nine passes thrown his way. Baldwin pisses himself when given a chance, only has one catch all night. Moeaki has one nice catch for 38 yards, but also has a costly PI penalty in the final minute drive that could have cost us the game. (That call was questionable, btw.) Casshole was Casshole. More on him later.

5. The refs did us no favors, but were not the reason we lost. They sure didn't help. This game was the opposite of the New Orleans game where we got every close call. This time, we got none. The fumble TD was overturned to an incomplete pass and a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Hali was called for a phantom helmet to helmet hit on Leftwitch which was BS. There was a mystery defensive PI call on Arenas late in the game. Then an offensive PI call on Moeaki in the last minute of regulation. Hell, even when Pittsburgh was trying to run for a game ending first down, the line judge scooted the ball forward at least two extra feet, but they were still short by a foot and punted. I've said for years, that bad teams get bad calls. Good teams get good help. The NFL has no interest in KC winning in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh in the playoff hunt is good for ratings. So as that Round Mound of Mount Oread Mark Mangino once said: "DOLLAR SIGNS!"

4. One thing you can say about Captain Checkdown, aka the Duke of Dink, aka The 63-Million Dollar Fetal Man is, he is consistently bad in the clutch. His first pass in the OT was telegraphed into triple coverage. It was a panic throw aimed at Bowe. The line did a reasonably good job protecting Casshole. He went full fetal early in the first quarter, made a couple of decent runs to get out of the pocket, but only threw for 154 yards. Moreover, the Chiefs were three and out on their first three drives in the fourth quarter, and didn't manage to score until the desperation final drive and the Succop field goal. When given the ball with a chance to win, Casshole immediately and thoroughly pissed himself. But, that's why Casshole is Casshole, and that's why the fans hate him.

3. Why was Steve Breaston inactive? This is a highly paid free agent. Paid more than Copper, that's for sure. Why is he not available, especially when Baldwin gets knocked out and Bowe gets the dropsies? Breaston grew up in the Pittsburgh area, so you know he'd be psyched to play on MNF in his hometown. He's been ruined for the year. Yet Wylie, a mid round rookie, is active, and only used on kickoff returns? I don't get it. I just don't get it.

2. Derrick Johnson played a great game with 13 tackles. Houston played well and almost had a game breaking defensive TD. Flowers played well, only giving up the circus catch TD to Wallace. The defense was tough and looked like an NFL defense for one of the few times this year. I hope they can build from that momentum, although I'm very concerned with Berry's lack of coverage ability. I think his knee is much worse than the Chiefs are letting on. He may be another year away from being fully healthy.

1. At least we broke the 495 minute no lead streak. Hey, we didn't win, but we certainly made Haley sweat. A loss is a loss, and who woulda thunk it….1-8 at this point of the season? As far as the Head Coach chopping block, Paul Wiggin was fired after seven games in 1977. Haley was fired after 13 games in 2011, and that was with a 5-8 record. Will Kung Pao Panda survive the whole year? At this point, I say, why not? What's the difference? Nobody worth a crap is going to want to limp this spittoon full of failure juice to the finish line. Just continue to Blow for Barkley or go One and Fifteen-oh For Geno. Not much point to it now. There is nothing to hope for, no reason to live. The blackout looms. I believe it's always darkest before it goes completely black! Sunday's coming, and I love me a good funeral.

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