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The beer me factor for skip town

I am writing in response to skip town who feels BD is a little hard on queer me and picks on him too much. First of all let me address the accusation made by skip town that LVNHACK and myself teamed up on queer me because he didnít like that. In order for there to be this teamwork conspiracy going on you would first have to show me where the two of us have done this to other people. I defy you to find that because it isnít there, itís never happened before. It IS possible for someone to annoy two people at the same time and get pummeled the way he did especially when youíre a tard. That being said there is a certain personality type that I am drawn to giving shit to. The more of these characteristics you have the greater chance there is you will have a run in with me.

1. STUPID LIBERAL Ė As opposed to the smarter liberal of which we have on the BB. The stupid liberal is one of the most annoying of all creatures. It is usually living off the system or has a crappy job and wants to see a redistribution of wealth in this country because itís to lazy or stupid to go out and get a real job. It disguises itís intentions by acting like itís everyone else they are concerned about. Instead of addressing issues directly it relies on posting skewed liberal jibberish in the media. My personal favorite is anyone posting on tax cuts for the top 1% that makes it look like they are getting everything when in reality the article is going by dollars back instead of percentages back. In order for this creature to try and post with any form of intellect it must immediately call everyone else stupid to cover up the fact that it is truly the tard.
2. NO GAME GAMER Ė You know this guy, he acts like he has game when he doesnít have any. Not having game is no big deal if you donít act like you have it. They continue to post stupid shit all the time. This is a tard who most likely got picked on in high school and tries to act heís all about something now. Anyone like this is going to get grief.
3. THE. AGENDA PUSHER Ė This is a guy who for some retarded reason uses our football forum to consistently push another agenda. We all like discussing other issues but this guy takes it to another level constantly annoying everyone.
4. MR. SENSITIVE Ė This pussy has huevos the size of tobiko. He takes himself WAY to seriously and has absolutely no ability to laugh at himself or ever admit he is wrong.
5. SEAGULL POSTER Ė Another very annoying a-hole this guy will just dump a big load of shit on the BB and leave. Sometimes he will occasionally come back to post one reply to everyone who annoys him and leave again so heís not a seagull poster he is a CHICKENSHIT poster. Sound familiar DuhKCMan?

That being said if you want to defend queer me go ahead. Truth be known I have given other people a much harder time and you never defended them. Fact is I donít even dislike queer me he just possesses 4 of the 5 personality traits I find the most annoying so I give him grief.
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