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Casino cash: $
2012 Gambling Challenge - Super Bowl

The betting windows are open for Super Bowl wagering!

New Rule For Super Bowl Wagering: Please Read!

I am going to allow bets to be submitted via PM. This will make it more difficult for those catching up to just bet the opposite of the leader. Conversely, it will make it more difficult for the leader to protect his lead. It should make things a little more interesting.

However, I will let the majority decide and if there is much opposition to this rule, we will revert back to publicly posting bets. It's your choice!

Regarding Super Bowl Wagering: As in previous years, I have added some prop bets for the Super Bowl to make things a little more interesting. These will be; 1st Half spread, 1st Half Money Line, 1st Half Over/Under, First Team to Score and Last Team to Score.

The 1st Half Spread and Over/Under will be bet like normal bets, the 1st Half Money Line and First/Last Team to Score will be bet like a money line bet. As all other bets go, the Min/Max on these is $500/$5,000 (unless you are all-in)

Any bets entered with the wrong line or wrong teams, or posted after the scheduled kickoff time (5:30 PM CST) will be void!

[COLOR=#000000]PLEASE read the rules here. The number one rule you need to remember is that editing your bets is not allowed and is subject to immediate disqualification.

Above all else, lets have some fun!

How to read the lines

Sample line

Thu 9/6 New Orleans Saints +6 +223 OVER 52.5
(Date, VISITING TEAM: Point Spread, Money Line, Over/Under)
7:30 PM Indianapolis Colts -6 -243 UNDER 52.5
(Time, HOME TEAM: Point Spread, Money Line, Over/Under)

How to bet the Money Line

Sample line
COLTS -243

First off, a money bet is a straight up win/lose bet. No points involved, so of course there are odds payoffs.

If you want to bet on the Saints, you will win $223 for every $100 that you bet. Conversely, for the Colts, you will win $100 for every $243 that you bet.

In other words, the team with the - money line is the favorite (therefore lower payout) and the team with the + is the under dog.

Placing Bets

PLEASE, format your bets like this:

Colts (-6) $5000
Chiefs (+142 money) $1000
Chiefs/Texans (Under 38) $2000

Current Standings

shitgoose $91,145
UTChief $60,497
FD $60,164
Buck $56,871
KCFalcon59 $40,370
Sfeihc $40,075
DaKCMan AP $36,210
Pestilence $30,400
Kcwolf $23,198
morphius $20,233
Sofa King $15,594
banyon $14,089
bkkcoh $9,756
Rausch $9,500
Slammer $6,365
ArrowheadHawk $0
ArrowheadMagic $0
Barney Stinson $0
bevischief $0
BigRedChief $0
Bill Lundberg $0
blaise $0
Bowser $0
Bwana $0
Calcountry $0
cdcox $0
Dartgod $0
Dave Lane $0
DeezNutz $0
H5N1 $0
HemiEd $0
Hoover $0
Iowanian $0
jspchief $0
KC Dan $0
kstater $0
Kyle DeLexus $0
Lil Momma $0
mnchiefsguy $0
MOhillbilly $0
Mr. Flopnuts $0
mr. tegu $0
Nzoner $0
Old Dog $0
OnTheWarpath58 $0
Otter $0
patteeu $0
raybec $0
RedDread $0
Scorp $0
SNR $0
Spchief $0
Stinger $0
Sully $0
Talking Can $0

Super Bowl Lines

Sun 2/3 Baltimore Ravens +3.5 +161 Over 47
5:30 PM San Francisco 49ers -3.5 -179 Under 47


1st Half Lines
Baltimore Ravens +2.5 +140 Over 23.5
San Francisco 49ers -2.5 -155 Under 23.5

1st Team to Score
Baltimore Ravens +117
San Francisco 49ers -132

Last Team to Score
Baltimore Ravens +103
San Francisco 49ers -120


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