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Time to douse Hamas with his idiotic past statements and watch him rot and burn

Hamas jacking off at the thought of Brodie Croyle as the Chiefs QBOTF:


Just give up on the QB after 6 fucking starts. Seriously, noone has the patience to wait and let a QB go through growing pains. Yeah, the year has sucked. So fuckin' what. We've had a year like this coming for a long time.

Manning threw 28 picks and danced around like pirouetting bitch his first year. Croyle won't be Manning, but this talk of we need to draft a QB in the first and/or bring in a free agent is absolute insanity.

Give him a full year of starting, and if he sucks, then we can go after a QB. It's not like quarterback is the missing link on this team, we have holes at about 15 of 22 positions.


Originally Posted by Mecca
Peyton Manning wasn't made of glass.....

Croyle has been starting less than half a season and that's 2 games already....I don't think Croyle could ever play 16 games. If you can show me an injury prone QB that won something I'd like to see it.

Just give him time. They are handling him with the softest of kid gloves right now

He missed one game. If we are giving up on the kid this soon we will never have a shot in hell of being a successful franchise. It was a bruised kidney, and Herm wasn't going to expose him to that pass rush whilst banged up.

This intemperance is what allows a goon like Carl to still be employed.

Croyle will make mistakes, but Huard isn't exactly giving us Montana-like precision either. We have two options in the passing game, which is perfect for a young QB. If he can't find D-Bowe or Tony, he can check down, and his arm and legs allow us to do things we can't with Huard.

If we can let Brodie be a game-managing QB this year (which is essentially what Huard is), then we might be able to be competitive for several years
Hamas apparently also has eternal boners for other shitty QB's as well...

Chase Daniel:


Emphasis on "poor man's". I doubt he'll ever be a Pro-Bowl player, but he does seem to have a similar skill set. He's a short QB who is pretty mobile and has a very accurate arm. He has acceptable arm strength, and seems to be a student of the game.

And most recently, Hamas credited Palko with "trying to be a QB".

Link: http://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showp...&postcount=181

I guess this is like crediting Hamas girlfriend with "trying to be thin"? Or "trying to be attractive"? Or "trying to be a female"?

Let's recap... pimping Brodie Croyle, Chase Daniel and Tyler Palko?

You are permanently branded as a little BITCH with no game.

You are OWNED
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