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Originally Posted by Jawshco View Post

These are my rankings of the different Doctors that make up Doctor Who. This list does not include Peter Cushing from the American movie, nor Rowan Atkinson from the comedy relief short (which is great by the way).

These are just my favorites in order of the ones I like the least, to the ones I like the most. Feel free to comment and create your own list.

I rate them like this:

11. Doctor 6- (Colin Baker) - He is easily the worst of all the Doctors. He certainly has the most atroicious bright rainbow colored costume, but the worst part is that he's an unlikeble arrogant jerk on the show. His first line when Doctor 5 dies and regnerates into 6 is like spitting in the face of a much better version of the Doctor. I've heard that he did better later on in audio versions of the story, but I did not like him in the TV show at all.

10. Doctor 1 (William Hartnell)- This was the first doctor, and while it's amazing how many great things started with the old original, the show was boring to me at times when the stayed mostly in Earth's past rather than traveling space. As for the Doctor, I found him creepy. He was like a grumpy old galactic kiddnapper who treats his companions like prisoners rather than friends. He was often forgetful and curmudgeonly. The concept was genius, but this version of the Doctor wasn't for me.

9. Doctor 7- ( Sylvester McCoy)- This Doctor was the short fat one with the question mark umbrella (he kinda looks like a mix between the Penquin and the Riddler from Batman). This was a very professorial Doctor with a wry and dry sense of humor. He was probably the most aloof of all the Doctors, and his young female companion Ace was the main character of the show (somewhat like how Rose was in Series 1), but that's not a bad thing since Ace is one of my favorite DW companions. He wasn't the most entertaining Doctor, but not the worst. The creativity of the DW stories had dried up so much that it would be ten years before we'd see another Doctor Who after this one.

8. Doctor Two- (Patrick Troughten)- this was the first quirky Doctor. He had his little flute-recorder thing and odd sense of sarcastic humor. He was also the first 'bumbling' Doctor, and seems to be an inspiration for Doctors 4 & 11. However, this Doctor actually seemed like a silly hobo that gets lucky now and again and doesn't have the charm of 4 & 11. In the movies, "The 3 Doctors" and "The 5 Doctors," (where we get to see multiple versions of the Doctors interacting) he's definitely one of the most entertaining of the bunch-even if his role is relegated to being the comic foil.

7. Doctor Five- (Peter Davison)- this is the sort of stiff Cricket team looking Doctor. This Doctor is known mostly for the odd celery that he wore on his lapel. It was a bit of eccentricty that worked well for this character, despite his somewhat bland take on the Doctor. The stories for him were good, especially the last episode. From this point forward all these Doctors are ones that I consider to be favorites.

6. Doctor Eight- (Paul McGann)- he had a horrible script in the 1996 movie, and an even worse villain in Eric Robert's take on the Master. To his credit he had the coolest version of the TARDIS and did the best with what he had. I really hope McGann gets another shot at the character, but without all the half-human nonsense this time. The time war would be a great story to tell.

5. Doctor 9- (Christopher Eccleson)- Nine is all out Action Hero. He's not funny per se, but he does have a bit of Mad hatter type of mischievousness to him that I like. He's a fearless space cowboy. He's not as likeable as most Doctors are, but apperently it's number 9 that experienced the Time War (my assumption that it must have been Doctor's 8 & 9) and saw his world destroyed along with all the other members of his race (including Romana who traveled w/ Doctor 4). So I think that accounts for Nine's scarred nature.

4. Doctor 3- (Jon Pertwee)- Doctor 3 dressed flamboyantly, loved his cool car and had a sneaky child-like humor that Matt Smith seems emulate. He could be both commanding as he led the UNIT army, and unassuming as he pretended to play the fool when it served him. Unfortunately some of his stories were a bit boring because he was stuck on Earth for awhile as a punishment from the Time Lords. This is probably the most charming versions of the Doctor to date.

3. Doctor 11- (Matt Smith)- he's the silly bumbling type of Doctor that acts like child at times, but can also play the role with a serious sage-like quality. Kind of a quirkier version of Yoda. That's if Yoda loved bow ties, silly hats, and eating fish sticks with custard. He has the potential of being the funniest and possibly most entertaining of the Doctors. However, I think at times he's a bit bi-polar. He can be a bit jerky (as in The Beast Below) and then turn back into the silly Doctor the next second. I don't know if the split-personality is intentional or due to uneven writing, but I hope they iron that out soon. He's off to a great start this season.

2. Doctor 4 - (Tom Baker)- he's the adventurous Doctor that has a funny curiosity about him. He loves that insane scarf (knitted by Lady Socrates), talks to his robot dog, and always seems like a genius hiding in the guise of a silly Hobo. His stories were some of the best and most inventive episodes in the history of Doctor Who, featuring the writing of Douglas Adams and even having a cameo by John Cleese. I honestly, feel almost sacrilegious not putting him as number one, because if anyone is the definitive Doctor Who it IS Tom Baker, but I wasn't around in his era, and therefore he isn't the Doctor that I caught onto first.

1. Doctor 10 (David Tennent)- he's the fun, clever, charismatic Doctor who seems part Mad Scientist and part action Hero. Always entertaining. He's the coolest of the Doctors for sure. Some complain that he's like the Ace Ventura of Doctors, but he was also the Doctor for some of my favorite stories and he highered the level of what it meant to be the Doctor. Tennant's acting chops were also spot on. He could be both believeably intense without seeming jerky and bi-polar like Matt Smith. He was charming and funny, and from the very first moment he arrived on screen in his Arthur Dent robe to battle a hideous alien in a sword fight to the death (with a wink to both Star Wars and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), I knew I'd like him. It's unfortunate that the set of "specials" that he was in during the end of his tenure did not live up to the episodes of any of the seasons he was in. His finale and death were especially disappointing. That wasn't Tennant's fault, I think the RTD era writers had lost their creative steam. However, his "half-Time Lord," clone still lives in the alternate reality with Rose and could return to future episodes.
I don't know. None of the world remembers tennants exploits except the doctor and song so far. There is a possibility but I think they did it so the fans can move on and create more memorable characters.
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