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Years ago I had some kid come knocking on my door, I answered and I could tell right away he was nervous about something. So I asked him what's up, and he told me he had hit my van that I had parked in the street. So I went out with him to look at it, right away saw that the passenger side mirror on his car was hanging by the cable so I assumed mine would be gone since they were cargo van mirrors that stuck out farther.

When I got to the other side of my van I was surprised to not only see the mirror still attached and fully intact, it wasn't even slightly out of place. There was a black scuff on the door with a slight crease, but I laughed and told him it was his lucky day, just be more careful in the future. The kid seemed genuinely uncomfortable with the fact that I told him not to worry about it, but I sure as hell wasn't going to stick him with a bill for bodywork and paint on a 10+ yr old work van. And once I buffed out the black mark you could hardly see the crease. Still to this day don't understand how he was close enough to destroy his own mirror, but not even touch mine.

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I've been in a couple fender benders like this. As long as the car still runs life goes on. Never understood the people that will spend hundreds of dollars fixing a chipped paint job or dents that have no affect on the car running
Yes, damn those people who spend $30-40k or even more on a car and expect it to look good! We should all just drive beaters!
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