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Originally Posted by Marcellus View Post
Pretty comical watching idiots defend Obama and this bullshit.

It doesnt matter what you think of Trump, Trump himself is basically irrelevant to the topic.

The facts are Obama and his administration were corrupt and weaponized the DoJ against political adversaries . You cant allow that regardless of who the politician is.

That's the story, not Trump you morons.
Again, you are claiming he "weaponized the DoJ against political adversaries" when it is completely clear he didn't do that. If he had been at all interested in doing that, he would have announced the investigation during the election.
Also water does not rise significantly with warming. You can do your own experiment on this in your kitchen with heat and a flask. My daughter did it for a science fair project with flasks. Now take that rise and calculated it mathematically as it spreads across the globe which thins it out over such a large sphere. It's barely significant.

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