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Originally Posted by Direckshun View Post
I'm pretty sure we can lose Bahrain as an ally and be just fine.

But the world's not our playground, and we shouldn't treat it that way. We should not fund people who are fighting democracy by shooting and killing peaceful protesters from helicopters. Just because we can make a quick buck doing it.

I don't know that it is our best interest to entrench dictators in the Middle East. I actually think we'd get more out of it by actually being an appealing nation to do business with, not incite hatred by manufacturing the tear gas canisters used on peaceful protesters.
I do not work for the Department of State so I can't really say we can or can't afford to lose Bahrain as an ally, so I will take your word on that one.

The world is not our playground, I agree. We should not involve ourselves in it, but that is not US foreign policy. Do these protesters truly want democracy or do they want a change at the highest levels of government? Replacing a dictator with a leader you prefer more who might not be better is not always the answer. These people and culture have NEVER known democracy what makes you think they want that and not just a regime change? Egypt might be the litmus test for what is to come. A dictator was replaced, now will he be replaced with a better and more tolerant government? Time will tell.

Whether it is in our best interest or not to entrench dictators in the ME remains to be seen.
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