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Originally Posted by Crime Fighter
You are nothing! Nothing but a wannabe! And why would Faider Fan be here on board? Yes, I understand the rivalry but aren't you suppose to be acting like a goof on your own board? PATHETIC![/b]
Uh Sparky... Didn't we meet when I lifted your skirt up on your many swishes through the Raider board, which by your logic, you had a place where exactly?... I also noticed the name change and non-appearance post asskicking last year.... Witness Protection Program I guess...

Steelers are going to own KC after Sunday, and I'm here to stake my claim to this board...
Too late... The board may read Chiefs, but I own the paper on this mug... The Chiefs haven't sniffed the playoffs since my first appearance... Consider me their lucky charm much in the same way your momma considers that pinhole in the condom that created you hers...
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