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dont understand the obsession with loudness. Personally, I go to enjoy the game, not to go deaf.

*Around 125 decibels, roughly as loud as a firecracker, is refered to as the pain threshold. It's the point where your ear interpert the level of sound as physically painful. Prolonged exposure at this level is very dangerous.

*The average rock concert is 120 decibels. At that volume hearing damage occurs in 7.5 minutes.

*The average football stadium is 115 decibels, loud enough to cause damage in 15 minutes.
Fans are putting their own players and NFL employees at risk of hearing loss. OSHA would only allow occupational exposure to 120 dbA for 7min. @ 130 dbA that time frame drops to 1.75 minutes.

Personally, I care more about wins than loudness. Let them go deaf.
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