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Alright!!! Glad the Steelers fans are here!!!!

.... I don't remember getting many fans in here from outside the AFC West during game week, save for the Pats Falling Allice, so it looks to be that ChiefsPlanet is becoming more popular.

This is a good thing.

One thing that will need to change prior to the game Sunday, is Saunders must pound it into Green's coconut to not hold the ball too long. Green was solid, but I'd rather he didn't take the kind of shots that forced him to fumble in the second half last week. Trent can't take those kind of shots and live through the season. The Chiefs NEED him to make any run at all for the division and beyond.
Throw it away when you have to Trent!!!!!

This game really is a pick 'em.

Chiefs 31-20.
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