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Quote from Priest:

"Defense looked awesome, didn't it?" he asked. "People asked me, `How's the defense going to look?' And I told them, `Come out to the game and see for yourself.' "

He smiled. He looked around the empty locker room.

"They all left, huh?" (the reporters) he asked. "See, there's a reason I won't do interviews for a while. In my mind, all these people had opinions about me before this game. They all decided to run with their opinions -- `Priest is done,' `Priest will never be the same,' `Priest isn't worth the money,' all that.

"Well, they didn't talk to me then. They did just fine without me. So why do they need me now? They have all sorts of opinions about me. Fine. They can take another stab at it."

Come on Steelers run with your opinions - take a stab at the man.
Priest is on a mission baby and Sunday your gonna get rolled up on.
And our defense is gonna light up Tommy all day.

Steelers 10
Chiefs 36 4 TDs (1 turnover TD) 2 FGs 1 Saftey (2nd Qtr)
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