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Originally Posted by Chief Northman View Post
Easy fixes?

C'mon crow. His footwork and balance needs a ton of work. Yes he has qualities you cannot teach, but for every big-armed qb that has been inflated for the quality, many more fall apart when they realize the pro game isn't heave-ho. Mahomes is an exciting prospect, but to say he can be pro-ready with easy fixes is a stretch. Whoever drafts him needs to commit to his development and be very patient.
What footwork does he need work on? The only footwork he needs work on is in dropping back from under center. His weight transfer in his throwing motion is more than fine. Kid needs no work there. Don't know what the **** everyone is carrying on about. Kid throws darts anywhere you want em thrown.

You want to know why people think he has "footwork" issues? Because they see him scramble and throw on the run and attribute it to "bad footwork." No, no that's not ****ing bad footwork. If they were talking about making bad decisions trying to throw from awkward angles on the move, then sure, he does it too much. That doesn't mean his footwork is bad. If you told me Mahomes makes bad decisions forcing the ball into tight coverage, I'd say he does it too much. That doesn't make his footwork bad.

It's the goddamn dumb**** Zeirlein that doesn't know a lick of shit about football saying he has bad footwork and people reading it like its the ****ing gospel because they are too lazy to watch it themselves or can't decipher what they are watching anyhow.

This kid needs ZERO "extra" work on his foot plant/weight transfer and follow through in his throwing motion. None. His footwork in his throwing motion is identical to Aaron Rodgers'. I've provided the videos before. He sets quickly and transfers weight from back leg to front.

Footwork. Don't give me this bullshit about footwork, because I know exactly what "footwork" people are talking about and they are dead ****ing wrong. Footwork coming out from under center and through a 3, 5, and 7-step drop? Yes, absolutely he needs work on that (and so does every single ****ing QB coming out of college now). But that isn't what idiots are talking about. They think he throws off his back foot and lofts the ball up there all the time. Completely wrong. He transfers that weight almost every single time.

And to be honest, I don't give a shit if the guy stands on his head and throws a pass so long as it's money. Mahomes is money. Of course, you could continue to cheer for that shitbag Alex Smith, he's a real fine specimen.
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