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Originally Posted by ChiefaRoo View Post
Heh, you don't read well.

The bet is Romney wins period. I want the juice because I'm the house. It's not that much different than betting in a casino.
Did you not state in the OP that he would win in an electoral landslide? Was that not the bet? Have you not failed to define what qualifies as a landslide? If you did indeed state what qualifies as a landslide, which post was it so I can go back and reread it? Man up make a bet straight up. Hiding behind the statement "I want the juice because I'm the house." is cowardice and shows a lack of confidence in your bet. Again, you call it how you want, but you are trying to maximize your return if you win, but minimize your loss if you lose because you are not 100% certain what you are betting will come out as you think it will. If you were you would make the bet straight up because you would be that confident of a victory. I will not make that foolish bet with you and anyone who does is a fool, especially since you are stacking the odds in your favor as much as possible.
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