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Powe is not the protypical run stuffer that I assume you are implying him to be with "no idea how the game has evolved comment".

His problem, from what I could see, in Romeo's scheme, is that he couldn't control his desire to penetrate, and wasn't able to maintain his gap responsibility within the scheme.

Powe is more athletic than his size would indicate, and is a good fit in an attacking 34 because of that athletic ability, and his ability to penetrate.
I am talking about how the game has evolved to the Nose Tackle having to play multiple techniques. You have to do that to beat No Huddle. Which is why people undervalue DeVito's role in this defense. And they overvalue guys like Terence Cody who play pure zero technique versus a guy like Wilfork who can and does play pretty much every single defensive snap.

Powe is limited in his versatility. He is a pure 0-technique, and that's probably his only position. Poe can play the 0-technique, probably the 5-technique, and has the skill set to even one day play 1-tech and 3-tech.
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