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Originally Posted by Deberg_1990 View Post
Understand times are tough......but If this is true, then obviously they will only be there temporarily until they can find something better. I doubt they intend to make a career out of it and raise a family on that wage. If you work hard, get educated, and keep looking, opportunitities will eventually present themselves. That hasnt changed.
You are, increasingly, more and more dead-wrong. Working hard, getting an longer means squat. Even, "eventually," depending on the career or industry you choose--you can still be destined for an income/salary that will STILL qualify you for food stamps.

And then the really stupid dumb-ass bitches will rag your ass about needing food stamps too...all the while, they complain from the country club, or their bridge-club and society-organizations they play at, while their more accomplished spouses "work" business trips on lavish cruises with Carnival Cruises, heh....
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