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OK I have to ask, whats the story with the servicemen worship in this forum?

I mean they signed up for a job for which they are well compensated. It is potentially dangerous but probably no worse mortality than a 7-11 nite worker in the hood.

Why are they on a pedestal and worshiped by many as if they are gods walking the face of the earth? I appreciate their service but I appreciate the pilot of my plane when I fly too. What's the scoop?
Funny how it went to attacking republicans to attacking appreciation for the people who wear the uniform yet nothing about dems backing this bonus.

Well compensated?!?!?! An E-1 earns 18k per year to wear a uniform and risk his/her life. The most an enlisted soldier, who make up the bulk of the military, can EVER hope to make is 90k per year and that is at the highest rank available and only after *40* years of service. Don't tell me they are well compensated. Absolute horseshit.

Frankly... to compare them to an airline pilot is insulting. These are men and women who serve and swear an oath to protect the constitution which guarantee our personal rights. Whether you agree or disagree with what fights our government chooses to fight is beside the point.
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