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Every year you guys forget. Never fails. I'm on a QB's bandwagon almost every ****ing year. Sanchez, Clausen, I was even pushing for Weeden in the 2nd last year.

I haven't endorsed anybody for our #1 pick yet. I'm still deciding. But I love QBs, I know they're the most important player on the field.

This suddenly became the weakest QB class we've seen in a decade, maybe more. It's reasonable to be hesitant.
Okay - you'll have to defend that one. And here's the toughest route to it:

There's no argument made by anyone that Matt Barkley wouldn't have been the 3rd QB off the board last season in a draft that many are calling the strongest QB class since 1983.

Now all of the sudden he's the 2nd or 3rd QB off the board in the worst QB class in a decade?

Did Barkley get a hell of a lot worse or has the examination of this year's class under the microscope of the 2012 class become unreasonably critical? Matt Barkley was essentially in that class, slotted and ready to go to the Redskins or Dolphins. After going nose to nose with Luck last season, people were convinced that Barkley was 1b to Lucks 1a.

C'mon, this class isn't that bad and it's a damn sight better than, for instance, the Bradford draft. It's just had such a bizarre tilt to it after last year's class that nobody can look at it objectively.
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