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I probably don't, no. Albert's my LT in your scenerio, and I'm giving Winston another season (and I'm not drafting a RT #1 overall anyway).

But you're right, that would narrow it down to a defensive lineman. Either a passrusher (which I would totally take, even with Hali/Houston), or a defensive lineman who can turn this whole party around with Poe and Jackson.

I like the team chasing after Chris Canty but we don't know where he'll go. And I love, love, love Sheldon Richardson.

In your hypothetical, I'm still reaching for Geno over at least five DL guys I think are superior -- and in some cases, far superior.
In a different situation at QB, I'd be fine with taking another pass rusher. But as much as we don't think so, there is probably some business side to this decision. Taking a guy first overall, who isn't an everydown difference maker, isn't going to be met with alot of joy.

With Richardsons background I have a really hard time taking him at 1.

I'd also say, when you add positional value to some of these guys, I think that makes a better case for a QB.

Personally, I think you have some of your DL guys too high, as well as Milliner and Banks. I'm not taking a CB at 1, when I can get one at 34 who has equal skill.

I think the combine showed, along with what pro days will show, that there is a significant gap between the top QB maybe 2 depending on Barkley, and the rest of the crop.
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