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Nick Foles was an Air Raid QB with accuracy issues in college. He had absolutely no understanding of the timing and touch it requires to get that offense working correctly. He just shit crap out of his ass like Matt Cassel does when "everything was covered down field." I thought Foles was a shitty QB coming into the draft and I still think he's a shitty QB.

In the pros, behind a subpar offensive line, he put up putrid stats. Most of those 6 TDs came in garbage time action against teams like the Cowboys.

If we were meeting face-to-face, I would ask you to look me square in the eye and tell me Nick Foles could potentially be a good pro QB. And if you did that without laughing, I'D laugh at you for being a ****ing dumbass.
The Chiefs are going to sign a QB and draft one. What vet QB would be alright with you?
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