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France's Health-Care System Is Going Broke

Low-Tech and inexpensive but they get re-imbursed for this:

Also homeopathic remedies they receive. Also, inexpensive.
And you can't count infant deaths because we count ours differently.

And now, because it's failing:

You're dreamer most progs.

Didn't say I agreed with Obamacare and the French argument. I said that is the argument most often used by supporters of national health. Often these kinds of arguments don't control for dietary habits, drug habits ect, and will look at infant mortality, critical care outcomes, and longevity.

Basically, the whole post was about how Obama is trying to shift public opinion against the public will. Obviously, your opinion of that is going to vary depending on whether you think national health is desirable or not.

In fact, I think Obamacare is a clusterfrak. We think our EMR system will win market share with or without Obamacare, because we turn EMR into something that substantially improves revenue for providers, whether the primary insurer is private insurance or a government agency---as opposed to most of our competitors. So, in many ways, I don't have a dog in this hunt other than my interests as a citizen.

Where I disagree with the doctor is the ultimate purpose of Obamacare, which is NOT to quadruple ins. company profits. It's ultimate purpose is to get the public to agree with national health care---which is a long-term democrat dream. I'm saying how he's doing it is to deliver a complete train wreck to make everyone think national health care is the solution.

Funny how you must not have read my post. Because I would have thought the portrayal of how Obama is getting companies to drop health insurance coverage, pass a tax increase that they lied and said wasn't a tax (obamacare), and then get companies to willingly pay more taxes (penalties) would make it pretty clear what I think of Obamacare---in order to get more government sugar that they can use to buy off voters and corporate supporters.

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