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Agreed. And in all those cases, you are assuming there's no delay, there's no flight transfer (and that in that flight transfer, you're original flight isn't delayed), and you're not checking in any bags. You're also assuming your terminal is close. In O'Hare, I once walked about a half hour just to get from gate to gate.

This is why I don't get why midwesterners are so resistant to this travel. Especially if you're not a mega airport hub, you probably have to do a transfer flight. And that is all kinds of inconvenient.
I don't either except people don't like change. I would love to take a high speed train over flying if it is economical and safe to do so.

The one thing though that we might disagree about is security. There will be the same restrictions with rail as there is with air and TSA will certainly be involved.
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