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You know, if you keep kicking a puppy, it's going to start to flinch when you come to pet it.

Does it surprise you that Republicans, who are constantly being told that their guns are the root of all crime, are going to bristle when asked to speak to it?

You're not going to get an honest answer at this point because why the hell would any sane Republican give more grist for the mill? Had you asked that question a year ago, the results would've been far more rationale.

But now gun owners and those damn devil Republicans are on the defensive and yeah, you're going to get cagey, defensive answers as a result.
You know, for the ideology (conservativism) that preaches personal responsibility, conservatives sure do backflips to evade it at all costs.

Republicans are saying really stupid shit because everybody else is being insensitive about their gun rights?

Cry me a river.

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