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Originally Posted by SNR View Post
No. I'm not playing that ****ing game. Every time somebody like you comes along, it starts out nice with, "Geno Smith has a lightning quick release combined with excellent pocket presence, the two 100% necessary things to any great NFL QB." Then the other guy says, "See, I'm just not seeing it that way. K State Pinstripe two safeties never smiles diarrhea diarrhea."

You are beyond help if you think all of these QBs have a THIRD ROUND GRADE???? in "normal" draft classes. Really? You think Geno Smith is a 3rd round QB in 2011? 2010? You would rather draft Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow than Geno Smith? Are you for real for real? 2008? 2009? Those were shitty ****ing shallow QB classes. One or two guys and then cum in your face. 2007? 2006?

Even take 2012. After Luck and RGIII you're going to tell me that Ryan Tannehill looked more impressive in college than Geno Smith? Ryan Tannehill was the most boring top 10 QB to be drafted that I've ever seen. Brandon Weeden? BROCK OSWEILER? You'd rather have Osweiler than Geno?

That's why I want you to go first. I refuse to waste time typing out a long-winded argument FOR Geno when you're just going to shit on it with the usual replies.

Check out all the resources I mentioned in the OP of the Geno Smith thread. I see a QB with the foundation and the competitive nature it takes to be successful in the league, especially with a QB coach like Andy Reid. That's fine if you don't think that, but don't just come in here like every other dumb ass n00b Geno hater has and expect to be entertained and swept off your feet with nice, polite, informative posts that have the same information mentioned 20,000 times already.

Get it?
Originally Posted by SNR View Post
See, I can't help somebody who is ****ing blind when it comes to this shit.

You're wrong and suck at watching football if you believe the stuff I outlined in your quoted post. Tell me why you think those things and maybe if I'm in a nice mood I'll engage you in the type of debate you're looking for. Until then, the answer is no. All I can say is your opinion is wrong.

A) I would not have drafted a QB as highly as alot of teams did in several of the years you mentioned. I sure as hell never would have taken Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, or any other spread/veer QB for a West Coast system. Tannehill I wouldn't have taken until the late third at the earliest. I never would have drafted Cam Newton at 100, let alone 1. I'm also extremely picky with my QBs. If a QB isn't at least as smart, if not smarter than I his offensive coordinator, I don't consider him to be the best option. In fact, there are only 3 QBs in the league that I would even come close to considering at 1 overall.

B) I personally don't feel like the QB position should be valued as highly as it is. I'm a big believer in building teams from the trenches out. Any QB can succeed if he has 5 seconds to throw the ball and a strong running game. Case in point, Kyle Orton.

C) I'm not denying the kid has talent. I just don't think that he is a day 1 starter. And that's what this team needs desperately. I think that he needs time to adjust to both the center/QB exchange and getting reads from under center, where the view is much more limited. I also don't like that on several of the dropbacks in that video from the OP of the Geno thread, I see a wind up. The ball should never drop below his shoulder, which it does on about 30% of the throws in the first few minutes. Also, I have issues with the fact that Smith rarely took more than a 1 step drop. There isn't much showing a 3, 5, or 7 step drop like he will be routinely asked to do in the West Coast system.

D) I'm not denying that he can hit a mostly open receiver. What I doubt is the throws into double coverage and into the sideline against high quality CBs. I haven't seen that kind of ability. Not saying he doesn't have it, I just haven't seen it.

E) I don't know what kind of head the kid has on his shoulders. I don't know how smart he is, football and otherwise. I don't know if he can hold up in tough situations (mentioned in the interview posted in the draft Geno thread), and I don't know if he can succeed in adverse conditions. I also don't know how well this kid can handle adversity.

Basically what I'm saying is that there are alot of things that we as fans can't know about this kid to be 95% certain that he will succeed in the NFL, and more specifically in the West Coast offense. And I don't like picking unknown quantities. If I were building a franchise, I would be painfully conservative. I understand its not the "modern" way of doing things, but its been working for the past 92 years.
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