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And I want you to give up steak knives. They can be used to assault people. They are now assault knives. I don't want you to be able to keep them in your house, let alone take them in public. Do you have an issue with that genius?
Nobody cares what you want. You have simply taken the argument off the deep end and have gone completley nonsensical. Steak knives, please. This is almost like having a discussion with my 16yr old. Better yet, my 6yr old. Who when he gets in trouble and gets a toy taken away for poor behavior he usually responds with the childish response of that he doesn't deserve anything. So go ahead and pout like a 6yr old about steak knives because you can't have a toy.

You know there was a time in this country when they had to decide banning fully automatic weapons from public hands. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that those guns laws were a direct response to violence caused by that type of weapon system. You're witnessing the same today with weapons that have been designed for military purposes.
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