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Originally Posted by Baby Lee View Post
My beef with you isn't you're positions, it's that you never put any thought into any of them.

Tell me PRECISELY what view I have that are fringe. I admit having strong convictions, but I submit that they are not fringe....

BTW - no offense, but Go Bowe's sudden BFF status with Kotter legitimately made the saddest I've ever been on CP. And some dude killed his GF then himself in front of the CEO and coach.
BL, I included you because you and a handful of others....constitute the "nobody" part of Isaac's hyperbole. I would not put you on the lunatic fringe with TJ, BEP, KillerClown, Pete, and other RWNJ wingtards. I actually admire your willingness to engage in rational debate. I just don't have your patience. For you to say I don't put any thought into my positions is just patently silly though.

You and I may disagree more in the last 5 years than we did in the early years of CP...but if you'd bother to notice, I'm willing to engage reasonable attempts at dialogue here--it's just that so many are beyond reasonable, I don't try with them. Conservatives seemed just fine when moonbats like jAZ were my object of my wrath, but as a moderate I object to ideological extremism on both sides. Sorry if that somehow translates into "never putting any thought" into my positions for you--but that don't make it so.

John and I go way back; we have our disagreements, but also some common ground. The difference between you and he seems to be he understands principled moderation is a legitimate philosophy--but most importantly he understands that I don't argue with ideologues, rather I just use them for entertainment. He and some others do appreciate the difference, even if you don't.
"If our leaders seek to conceal the truth, or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts, then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom."
--Rex Tillerson, at VMI commencement May 16, 2018

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