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Originally Posted by pr_capone View Post
What is getting to be stupid and what point am I missing? Also, there is really zero room for discussion on the subject?
Yes it's stupid.....the argument for gun control is keeping people safe.

Everywhere they have banned guns there is much higher crime rate...and it's usually in big cities like NY LA CHI etc.

Most gun violence is from handgun violence, usually minorities in inner cities shooting eachother aka ganglike type violence.

Mass shootings w/ assault weapons is EXTREMELY rare...yet it's all over the news and on purpose to scare the shit out of people.....PLAIN N SIMPLE

Same thing w/ Jaws when the movie came out.....people (tourists) stopped swimming in the oceans for a period of time because they were afraid of's just mass-mind control stupid shit. You have a better chance of falling in the shower and hitting your head and killing yourself than you do being involved in a mass shooting.
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