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If you're wondering why we're seeing all these crazies, it's the 24-hour news cycle and the internet. There's a virtual feeding frenzy whenever anything happens, wackos know their manifestos will get out and their faces will be plastered everywhere live and in living color, and for days/weeks/months after. It's a kind of fame and we all feed it. And the flip side is, if this happened 20 or 30 years ago, we might (but probably wouldn't) hear about it as a news blurb on the radio, but otherwise it would be a story talked about for a couple of minutes on a nightly news broadcast. You might not hear about it at all. There weren't twitter feeds or blogs or news networks constantly scrolling updates. Whereas today hours and hours will be dedicated to this story and others like it, every miniscule detail of it will be dissected by "experts" as we all try to info-tain ourselves to death. It's really kind of sick, the sort of gleeful gossip-driven environment we have these days.
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