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Thanks for all the kudos. Its kind of a pain to do this, but I really enjoy running it.

Here is a list of all the winners and their totals since I've been running this.

2012: shitgoose - $80,145
2011: BIG_DADDY - $101,666
2010: Patteeu - $58,985
2009: MOHillbilly - $66,971
2008: Carlos3652 - $73,788
2007: ChiefsFan4Life - $76,803
2006: Banyon - $68,654
2005: Bunnytrdr - $72,192
I imagine it is a pain, but I will say it is what I look the very most forward too on this board. Every year around August I start thinking about it before it gets posted. So for whatever it's worth, know that it's my favorite thing to do here. If you're ever in Branson, beers are on me.
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