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That didn't answer my question. And what is this 2nd /3rd opinion crap? A 2nd or 3rd opinion that is not rooted in fact is toxic. Toxic even to the extent of killing patients, and it's sad. People actually do present and forego treatments because of **** like this, and it is one of the most frustrating things for physicians. You can show them every curve that shows the efficacy of treatment at their stage, and what will happen without the quick treatment, and they will go to a "2nd opinion" through a homeopath or watch BS such as this. And they won't have the outcome they would if they were treated promptly. And sometimes they die.

There are many stats out there, and modern medicine is very methodical in the treatment of cancer. But we have our limitations that can be accounted for quite yet, simply because it is a complex disease.

BTW, thanks for your anecdotal experience shared through that message. I am sorry that you are bitter because of poor outcomes. I don't know your situation, and I am sure it has been rough, but turning to shoddy science is not the answer, and influencing others who don't know better to do the same will ultimately affect their long term health in a negative manner.
I have lost several family members to this disease, as a matter of fact every one of them used the standard treatments and all but one is deceased and my Mother in Law will soon follow. I don't know why you can fault people for seeking alternative treatments since the success rate is so low. I personally would seek help at this clinic....

The main site is under ddos attack now so I won't link it.
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