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Originally Posted by Dayze View Post
i was mentioning them from the stand point of they have zero shot and scrambling from the pocke tot pick up yards. if they do they're lucky.

those other guys have enough wheels to make a few yards if they need to.
I hear ya, and I agree that having at least some decent mobility puts more pressure on the D and makes for a more dynamic player (that said I'd take an elite "pocket passer" over a mediocre passer with great wheels any day of the week).

However, looking simply at career ypc stats, there is really very little difference between E. Manning (1.9), P. Manning (2.0), Brady (1.9), Brees (1.9), Schaub (1.8), Palmer (1.7), Flacco (2.1), Rivers (1.5) and Ryan (2.5).
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