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I can't imagine rooting for a team "led" by DeMarcus Cousins. What a ruinous attitude the guy has. I'm watching the Kings/Jazz game. Cousins got bumped driving into the lane, but it wasn't a terrible no-call. Back down to the other end, he's still jawing at the official and gets T'd up. Kings make a really nice run to get back into it going into half. Cousins goes to speak to ref as everyone is going into the locker room. 2nd ref comes over (still doesn't seem like a volatile situation at this point), Keith Smart comes over to move DC into locker room, DC says something else and the other ref kicks him out. Probably killed any chance the Kings had to win the game, getting kicked out between halves. Just a first class idiot ---- after all the discussions about maturity and controlling temper he still hasn't a clue.
He's always been an idiot. Dude has good talent, but he's lazy and has a temper. Its going to bite him in the ass sooner or later if he doesnt shape up!
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