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But Luck is a robot built to play QB. These comments I read on the internet claiming Wilson is so far ahead of these other guys or more mature don't know what they're talking about. Luck set rookie records for yards, yards in a single game, 300 yard games, game winning drives, and on and on. It's really kind of amazing that people have just glossed over it all because he doesn't run like Barry Sanders. It's almost like no one noticed. He probably had the best passing season by a rookie in NFL history. How can you argue otherwise? I don't know how you can say the QB who led the league in game winning drives didn't show poise. You look at other highly touted #1 QBs like both Mannings and Stafford, and they did not throw more TDs than INTs their first year. Luck not only did that but lifted an average (likely below average) team to the playoffs.
This is actually a pretty good argument.

I'd still give my vote to RGIII though.
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