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Originally Posted by Rudy Was Offsides. View Post

No offense but a quick trackwrestling search reveals you are quite the homer when it comes to your bros
None taken man. I've been called out as that before and will more than likely be called that again. I am proud of them, and admit, my bias and love for them may cause me to come off as someone who over-glamourizes their accomplishments. I haven't stretched the truth with anything though. Maybe I've omitted things, but not intentionally.
Trackwrestling (I am glad to interact with another person who knows what that is) is becoming more and more reliable for it is being used for more and more tournaments. However, many tournaments still have not caught on to it, and many of them have caught on in the past couple years. So many potential past accolades may not be listed. But it IS becoming more and more reliable.

Completely honest rundown...

- I do have a 28 year old bro who in high school placed 2nd as a Freshman, 2nd as a Soph, 1st as a Junior and notorious for placing 7th as a Senior. He did wrestle D1 as I mentioned. What I may have omitted is that he didn't pan out in college as many of us speculated he would.

- I do have a 15 year old bro who is wrestling varsity as a Freshman on our powerhouse wrestling team. He wrestles at Sectionals today (nervous). His recent trackwrestling stuff may appear a bit rough, but the circumstances haven't been great. He came into season ranked at 106 lbs, was literally edged out by a kid who may win state and has been wrestling as a true 106 lber at 120 he has taken some lumps this year, but has done ok considering the circumstances. As mentioned, out of Iowa's 3 youth state sanctions (USA, AAU, Grade School State), the big daddy is AAU, 2nd biggest is GSS and 3rd is USA. He placed 7th as a 7th grader and 4th as an 8th grader at AAU. He placed at GSS 3 times, but skipped it his 8th grade year. What I may have omitted is that he has skipped USA state folkstyle wrestling for years and has only participated in Freestyle/Greco in terms of USA sanctioned state events....and he hasn't performed particularly well at those.

- My 13 year old brother did become our school's first kid to complete a JH season (exclusively school sanctioned meets) without giving up a point. What I have omitted regarding this year is that he has had some shaky performances since kind of a tough age/weight. 100 lbs, 7th grade. I was at 100 lbs as a 7th grader myself and placed 6th at AAU...During the season, I got my butt kicked worse than ever against some of the semi-matured 8th graders and my bro is kind of going through the same thing, but not quite as severe as how I did....he's still relatively competitive against the elite 100 lb 8th graders. Placed 5th at GSS a few weeks ago...looked like crap, to be honest. I mentioned that he has won an array of state titles, but what I omitted is which ones he actually won. Most importantly, he hasn't put it together at AAU in a long time. Placed 3rd last year when he was expected by many to win it. It was a weird tourney. He ended up beating Terry Brands's son, Nelson, 18-3 on winner side, then after he got beat in semis, he pinned Brands in the semi-consols....BUT in OT. It is amazing that you go from teching a kid one day then going in OT with them the next. Nelson Brands is going to be really good...he's wrestled competitively for only a couple years. His 3rd and 4th place win was a big one...pinned a kid who is sort of his rival...a kid who has done real well on the National level. The state championships he has under his belt include: AAU as 2nd grader, USA Folkstyle as 2nd and 4th grader (last year he participated), USA Freestyle as 4th and 6th grader, USA Greco once or twice, Grade School State as 2nd, 4th and 6th grader.

I admit, I do tend to be homertastic about them and while they have taken their lumps (especially this season so far), I feel like I have a lot to be proud of with them. But that's just me...depends on what your standards are in terms of what is "successful," I guess.
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