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Originally Posted by dirk digler View Post
Let's get this out of the way Kyle, I think what you did by banning me was pretty chickenshit just because you got your feelings hurt because I was clowning you. Then you realized your mistake but instead of owning up to it you decided to ban bowser and suzzer which was even more chickenshit. If you can't handle disagreements over here maybe you should do what TJ does at his board and stay of DC because this isn't the first time you have done this.
Originally Posted by Direckshun View Post

I was just posting about dirk. I had no idea he had ALSO banned Bowser (again, one of the more respeced posters on ChiefsPlanet) and suzzer (who's a quality poster here at DC). I knew he banned KC Native as well, someone who I agree with more often than not on the issues, but Native's a well known shit talker on this forum. Suzzer and Bowser honestly aren't.

Hard to believe I missed all that. I clearly underestimated the depth of AustinChief's impulsiveness towards the left leaning posters in DC.

Much love, Bowser & suzzer. I know not what he did.
Originally Posted by AustinChief View Post
HA, I had no idea I had banned Bowser either. Stupid name changes. Wouldn't change anything but that makes it two posters I respect and suzzer (who I have no clue about, no offense buzzer) and KCNATIVE who is a d-bag.
I could practically see AC in my mind's eye mother****ing every single one of us as he made the long trek to go outside and have that stress induced smoke.

It's all good, though.
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