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Originally Posted by qtipmotha View Post
He's on rivals now on the West Virginia Preps board as well as the western Maryland preps.

he's going by bigdawgrefwmd or hsfootballnetwork.

He showed up shortly after his outing here and had been an annoying prick championing his love for Notre Dame on a highschool sports board.

The idiot had a dispute with a friend of mine in the past week on there and decided to make public my friends personal info (name, workplace, family, home address, pictures, etc). He seems to be convinced that my friend made some hateful remarks about Marty's dad passing away a few weeks ago (probably out of shame). I decided to return the favor using nothing more than google with a little intuition, and was surprised to find out that Marty is a registered violent sex offender. Talk about back firing.

Anyhow he's claiming that he's going to post my info next, that I broke the law by outing him, and that he's going to sue me in civil court (my girlfriend who got her JD in 06 begs to differ lol). Unfortunately the mods at the WVPreps board and Western MD preps boards don't see anything wrong with a known sexual predator being in contact with the youths that frequent their sites.

Thought you guys might like to know how he's doing.
So now it's 2013 and you will NOT believe who I stumbled upon! But then again, you all would. I came across one SHYGUYMS on the MDHIGH.RIVALS.COM message board up to the same old stuff I read here. He goes by the user name bigdawgrefwmd and the guy is still as whacky and active as ever. But you are absolutely correct qtip, he is well protected on the MDHIGH.RIVALS.COM western MD board by a moderator called FortHillFan89 who readily deletes any post and bans any poster who calls out that sex offender. I have monitored that site and there is a running feud between shyguyms ( bigdawgrefwmd ) and a particular poster who challenges him and shyguyms' protector moderator comes to shyguyms' aid at the drop of the hat and 24/7 as he vowed to do in a post just today.

Believe me when I tell you that tons of posts about shyguyms have been deleted as well as posters banned on that message board who confront shyguyms - bigdawgrefwmd. There is something mighty strange going on at Fort Hill HS MD. I wonder if this is how Penn St and Sandusky felt so invincible.
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