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Originally Posted by bowener View Post
Marty and Capone, can you guys come up with an official SOC letter to Clark thanking him for making the right choice and firing Pioli & Co., that all followers and fans can print out and mail in to Arrowhead 1? I think that would be pretty awesome, plus it would show the fans are behind him and want to move forward and forget about this awful 4 years we've had to endure.

People can sign their own names if they wish, or just write comments at the bottom like, "draft Geno, ****er!" Or "taste the chocolate taste the championships!"

Edit: And if Pioli isn't gone, please write a scathing letter to mail in. kthnxbye
Clark deserves a thank you letter for doing something that is painfully obvious to do?

Should San Diego fans send a thank you letter to Dean Spanos when the Chargers fire Norv Turner and AJ Smith?

Seriously it is time for Chiefs fans to stop acting like dickless wimps and realize that expecting a winner isn't some sort of a charitable act of generosity on Clark's part.

If anyone should be writing a letter it should be Clark Hunt, apologizing to the fanbase for this epic disgrace of a season.
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