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I dont have time to read this entire thread but I offer up exhibits A&B.

A: 2010 SF 49'ers sucked balls (6-10) in the worst division in football. 2011 New coach a few players and OT in the NFCCG.

B: Seattle Seahawks 2010 went 7-9 in worst division in football at least according to the CP 2010 NFCW rule. Seattle in 2013?

The worst division in football went to one of the best in 2 season. Well the Cards may be THE worst team in football but Seattle and 49'rs are 2 of the best.

The level of talent on both those teams was very questionable in 2010. Not so much now. SF was known for a good young defense but the offense was beyond abysml.
Green bay and new Orleans. They dominate on offense even with battered offensive lines and fifth string receivers. Our talent on offense is better than these teams.

Our offense has better talent than San Fran. They succed because of perfect coaching of discipline and technique.

The pats offensive line gave up 50 sacks behind cassel. They give up about 20-30 behind Brady.

The colts went from a playoff team to a one win team to a playoff team again. Guess what the difference was in those years.

This offense is more than good enough to support a good oc and a legit qb. I don't care how we compare to bad teams. Our defense has shown enough promise to believe we are really a few players and a new scheme away from being good. We need a great offseason. But two decisions we are in prime position to make are to overhaul the coaching staff and bring in a franchise qb. That goes a very long way. Who cares if it takes 2 or 3 years. With a rookie qb, that's how long it will take for him to be ready anyway.
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