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I'm sure there is someone that can be found later in the draft to play safety.

Chiefs have 3 openings at QB and I'd rather not waste a pick on a Lindleyesque QB.
I'm sure there is. A Lindleyesque level safety.

Thomas is an All-American. McDonald and Rambo are very solid. It gets a little iffy after that. If either of those guys are there in the third, you definitely take them over a backup at QB. That's what free agency is for - getting a vet who knows the league and can fill in and do an okay job when required.

Wasting a third round pick on a backup is wasting a pick when you can get a starter at a position of need.

The Chiefs need starters at the following out of this draft:

1. Quarterback
2. Cornerback
3. Free Safety
4. Middle Linebacker

Everything else is filler/special teams/backup.

If they get the compensation for Carr and it's a third rounder as expected, they can get all of this by round three and all of them can be high level guys. (See above.)
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