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Sac, waht are your thoughts on Kevin Minter and Gholston from MSU?
Gholston is just a guy and I don't think he'll be a very good 34 defensive end. They really should have drafted Brockers last year.

Minter is a load, but I'm not sure if that's because there is just so much talent at LSU that he gets to clean up after/through the rest of the guys or that he's just that good. His numbers this year were, with the exception of the interceptions, better than Te'o's, and he did stand out during the games, though not as much as Mingo did - at least to me.

He's going to be a second rounder at worst, and he's probably more suited to play the middle in a 43 versus a Mike position in a 34.

I'd rather have Skov in the third versus Minter in the second as Skov is as good a run plugger as he is a pass rusher and coverage guy. You could plug him in next to DJ and get terrific run support from him as well as not lose anything anywhere else.
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