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Originally Posted by Marty Mac Ver 2.0 View Post
Here's how the real NFL works when it comes to GMs, Coaches, Assistants, Coordinators and the personnel men, scouts: November and December are hustle months meaning they are getting their name on the street and talking with guys affiliated with teams. It's been so widespread for so long, its par for the course. For example, a scout looking to move up will reach out to teams in mid November in hopes of getting a gig right at the end of a season. These are guys looking to move up or find security because they know a change in "leadership" is forthcoming.

So how does Pioli get lumped into this?

Let's triple flashback to the day LaCanfora reported that Pioli had a new extension. Turns out it was never signed but damage was done.

Let's double flashback to Pioli's interview tour. It was done without Clark's blessing. It was done to make Scott seem to be personable, dedicated and focused. All traits that a new employer wants to see during the time of "crisis". Face it, this season has been a massive crisis. Scott wants to demonstrate he can handle himself. So he did what he thought was a good thing.

Clark was pissed. He was in Chicago having a conversation with a well-to-do ex Chiefs coach who has enjoyed a storied head coaching career in a town that rhymes with Hittsburg and is now on TV.

Clark returns to KC, strips Pioli of all GM power. Silences him. Crennel is given control over the roster. Out goes Rhoutt.

Let's flashback to November 10. Reports surfaced that Schottenheimer was at 1 Arrowhead to meet Clark Hunt, who flew in his private jet and landed downtown that morning. Clark was in KC. Pioli wasn't. A Chiefs employee called a national sports radio show to report this. The Chiefs went into full damage control.

Where was Scott? In Providence. The picture we tweeted out was taken on November 11 at a hotel in Providence. During this time, he met with representatives from the Titans to discuss a potential role with the team with player personnel. Pioli has circulated his name to a few teams, including the Patriots. The picture was taken around the lunch hour. The Boston College/Notre Dame was an 8pm kickoff that night. Doesn't matter if Scott is employed with us or not, he's going to scout players so he knows whats going on in case another team falls for his shit again.

Pioli flys to Pittsburgh for the MNF game.

Clark Hunt flys to Pittsburgh for the game. Stays behind and has breakfast with one of the ESPN announcers who did the game the night before. Chuck is his name, I think.

Then comes the really odd thing: After the Bengals game, Clark and Scott had a long meeting at Arrowhead. I got a text that night saying both were still in the stadium past 7pm. I didn't think anything of it. Then I get a message from a well placed source that Scott took the entire week of Thanksgiving off, arriving back into town the night before the Broncos game. Sorry, but NFL GMs don't take that kind of time off during the season.

This week Scott was in Dallas to meet with Clark. This is the kiss of death. No different than when Carl was let go. Flying commercial to Dallas mid-week in December when there is no league business meetings scheduled, no college games to scout or anything else is a tell-tale sign.

Notice that TV cameras have not shown Scott in the last 2 weeks? Or mentioned his name? Remember when CBS started talking about the blackout in the 4th quarter after word broke via Twitter that stadium security was confiscating our FIRE PIOLI signs and kicking people out of Arrowhead? Nothing in the NFL is done in the NFL by a whim. Nothing.

So I mentioned Crennel and a buyout. The guy is just flat out exhausted. I'm hearing some health issues are popping up but Clark is sympathetic to what is going on with Romeo and what he's been through. Basically, for pension purposes (even at vested status), Romeo still needs credit for a full 16-game schedule. This is the deal worked out. It's respectable. And the Chiefs want that #1 pick.

BTW, I am hearing the only reason that Clark refuses to make an in-season change now is that he doesn't want the players to get excited or pumped up for the new guy. Ray Farmer was slated to be the interim GM if Clark ever pulled the trigger. Clark really wants to give that new GM and Coach a #1 pick and let them decide to take a QB, trade down or do whatever.

It is important to end this post with one simple statement: In the NFL the real moves occur ahead of the announced moves. Call it a game of shadows if you will. Some of the well placed media guys have an understanding not to report on certain things. Me, I could give a shit less. I'm a Chiefs fan, not a card-carrying member of the media.
Epic post.
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