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When? when when when...

This franchise has never, EVER went top shelf for a quarterback in the draft, it has to STOP.

Bad year for a QB? who cares... this team hasnt developed ANYTHING at that position, isnt it time to start trying? and if he fails, half of the other teams in the league are looking for failed number #1 QB's and we can atleast, finally get value from that trade.

Its even likely that they screw the pick up, sad to say... but thats ok for now, you have to start somewhere, but just START PICKING QB'S, every single year.

Thats all that truly matters anymore, why has this franchise waited so long to try it? fear of failure?... failure is always going to happen when swinging for that position, and KC might have less experience at it than any other team in the league... but they HAVE to start trying.


ed* 'never ever' is obviously false, but hey, gimme some consistency

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